So I’m a big fan of Google Wave. Huge time sink and I’m enjoying every (sometimes buggy) minute of it. In fact, I’m acclimated to it enough that I have to remind myself that you can’t read this here post until I click “Submit”. Course then again, when I first saw The Matrix and went out for dessert afterwards I found myself wondering if the deep dish apple pie in front of me was really there so … maybe I’m not the best person to look to for frame of reference. Anyway…

I like to tinker with things (you know like developers do sometimes) and this last weekend I found myself messing around with the wave API in the form of gadgets. I’ve written a couple so far which serve no functional purpose other than teaching me how it all works. One I’m not going to release to the wild yet because I don’t care for a particular aspect of it, but the other has been on a wave for a few days and hasn’t killed anybody yet, so I figure I’ll throw it out here for people to mock it.


Normal usage applies. Just add the above link to the gadget drop down in the blip edit toolbar to insert this awesomely horrendous gadget. Fair warning: while this gadget does display my awesome MS Paint era skills (well Gimp but I tried hard to mimic the old ways), it will sadly never benefit humanity at large. That said, it was fun to make and I learned a lot about how gadgets work and how their change of state ties into the playback feature. I have several more ideas (most of which are at least a bit more useful than the above) but life being what it is who knows if/when I’ll get around to building/releasing them.